Why you Need a STEDI STOCK

Mount your Camera, Range Finder, Spotting Scope or Video Camera on a Stedi-Stock ® today! Help eliminate poor quality pictures due to "CAMERA SHAKE", assist in holding your Range finder Stable at longer ranges, take your spotting scope with you on the go, and accomplish smoother videos without the weight of an unwieldy, bulky, cumbersome tripod. This optical device shoulder brace will assist in reducing arm fatigue when filming for long periods of time. The Stedi-Stock optical stabilizer allows the user to interchange their optical devices quickly and is adjustable for eye relief.
I created the Stedi Stock to get Stability with Mobility while hunting in the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico. Being a flat land Texas boy, I got real tired of lugging a tripod and Spotting Scope up and down those mountains. Several times I left the
Scope in camp and every time I regretted it. The big tripods are way too heavy and cumbersome not withstanding that you are chasing around the tripod while glassing for game, and the mini tripods that come with the Spotting Scope are totally impractical to set up with out a convenient log or rock that you can set behind and most of the time that just right log, rock or stump is not available.

With the Stedi Stock , a quick release and a mono-pod you can set up almost anywhere and move the Optical Device as needed. The Quick Release allows the user to revert to shoulder use, the Mono-pod provides stability and a platform to eliminate arm fatigue from holding the scope for long periods of glassing. The Mono-pod also functions as a good walking stick.

The Stedi-Stock stabilizer is a ultra light device (weighing 6 ounces) is made of Hi-strength NYLON 66, to assist the user in obtaining clearer, pictures and quality Videos. After all we are all attempting to capture MEMORIES, so use the Stedi-Stock to capture memories you can share for Generation.


Super Tough Hi-Strength Nylon Construction
Weight: 6 ounces

Length: 14 in. - Height: 4-1/4 in. - Width: 1 in.

Adjustable optical device attachment. Allows eye relief adjustment depending upon the individual and the optical device attached.

Package includes:
1) Stedi-Stock Stabilizer Shoulder Brace
2) Attachment Handle
3) Shoulder Strap.

Available at: www.stedistock.com

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